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Magic Show

Interactive Online Magic Show

At The WOW Factory we believe that no child should have to go without celebrating their birthday and feeling like the most important child in the world on their special day. That is why we are proud to introduce our new Online Interactive Children's Birthday Party!!! This party package guarantees that your child still gets to laugh and joke with all of their friends on their birthday and they get to feel like a superstar and perform REAL BIRTHDAY MAGIC from the comfort and safety of your living room. This 30-minute party will have your child and all of their friends giggling with glee, screaming with excitement and jumping for joy. All you need to do is click on the link, sit back and relax as your professional children's entertainer is streamed live into your living room to entertain and engage up to 99-family members and friends at once!!! Your child will be so happy with this experience they won't even realise that it wasn't the party you had originally planned for them.

"Thank you for saving our little boys birthday! It was an amazing show and Stevie had the kids mesmerized and entertained the whole time. This is by far the best thing that could have ever happened for our boys birthday! Thank you! "


A First in South African History!

Streamed birthday party entertainment live into your home...

- Your child still gets to be the SUPERSTAR on their special day

- 30-minutes of Online Magic streamed LIVE INTO YOUR LIVING ROOM

- You get to enjoy it all completely free of stress as your entertainer takes care of it all. There is even a SUPER MAGICAL GIFT THAT WILL BE SENT TO YOU - ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

- Watch and listen with your little one as all of their friends and family get to sing "Happy Birthday" to them and cheer them on as they perform REAL BIRTHDAY MAGIC

"So good to see a professional company look out for us customers! Thank you WOW Factory."



30-minutes of Stress-Free Online Interactive Party Entertainment

No Parent wants to see their child go without, especially on their Birthday. Now, thanks to The WOW Factory you won't have to! Providing this service for your child is easy and hassle-free, just let us know when you would like the party to take place and at what time, we will send you a link to the online party room that you then forward on to all of your friends and family AROUND THE WORLD (That's right, if you have friends or family who live far away even they can be a part of the action!!!) and then when it's party time click on the link to your private and secure online meeting room where you will find your entertainer ready and waiting to put on an action packed comedy magic show for your child and ALL of their friends and family.

  • No need to worry - about your venue needing to cancel
  • No need to worry - about nobody showing up
  • No need to worry - about providing enough food and drink for all of your guests
  • No need to worry - about people not getting back to you
  • No need to worry - about entertaining your child and making them feel special on their Birthday!

With this new Live Online Interactive Children's Birthday Party service from The WOW Factory, you and all of your close friends and family can celebrate together and watch the party safely from the comfort of your own home. Watch it live on your Smart phones, Tablets, Laptops, PC's or even watch it on your TV! It may not have been the party you had in mind but we guarantee it will be the party you want for your child on their special day under the given circumstances. You now can ensure that your child has one of the BEST. PARTIES. EVER!!!

Children Watching Magic Show Online

Online Kids Birthday Party Entertainer

30-minutes of live Online Interactive Birthday Magic streamed straight into your living room is as simple as Contact, Send, Click and Receive!

  • CONTACT - Stevie today on 0792962306 or email to tell him about the Birthday star and at what time you want the party to start!
  • SEND - your free Virtual Online Party Invitation Link to up to 99 of your friends and family wherever they are in the world
  • CLICK - on the link to your private online party room where upon arrival you will meet your professional children's entertainer and all of the friends and family your child didn't think they were going to be able to see on their Birthday
  • RECEIVE - 30-minutes of top-quality online children's entertainment guaranteed to have your child and all of their friends engaged, entertained and rolling around on the floor with laughter from the moment the party starts to the second it ends!
The Wow Factory children's magician
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