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    6 years ago

    ?Reliable Children's Entertainers That You Can Trust... GUARANTEED!✨✨✨

    Visit today to see how we can make your next event the best one yet!

    6 years ago

    ??Best Children's Entertainers??

    From Hilarious Magic Shows to Fabulous Face Painters and not forgetting our signature Crazy Balloon Parties, give your child "The BEST Birthday Ever!"

    "LIKE" our ... See more

    6 years ago

    We LOVE Easter Holidays and so do the people of Olivedale Estate!

    We all had so much fun last Sunday! Over a 100 balloon animals and a Funny Magic Show later, the kids were off to hunt for some ... See more

    6 years ago

    Last week Sunday Sharanya turned 6! Not only that, after seeing "Stevie" last year, he was asked to come and do another show again...

    Happy Birthday Sharanya and keep on smiling!

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